This is a “put together” doll and consists of an antique German head from around the 1910 era and attached to a vintage body. It is approximately 10.5″ in height.

The head is German made by Armand Marseille and is the “Ruth” mould and marked on the back of the shoulder plate head. This head was made for the US market as part of Armand Marseille’s series of named dolls. The head has been damaged and has stable cracks with some old repairs. The wig is possibly original but don’t know for sure but is very old and mohair. The stationary set blue eyes also appear original as do the teeth in the open mouth.

The torso is not original and is made from a vintage pink cloth material and has antique bisque quarter arms (possible from the original body) with damage to the under part of the right hand with the non professional repair obvious. The chunky bisque half legs would be from another antique doll and look like the heeled brown moulded shows have an old repaint.

Her clothing is sewn onto her and consists of a crocheted blue topped frock with a lace skirt and a matching hat and she also has some pantaloons.

Even though she has been a put together doll she would make a nice companion doll for a larger doll and priced cheaply.

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