This is an antique doll made by the reknowned firm of Simon & Halbig from Germany and is a 1078 head mould. Unfortunately the head has damage and as such the price reflects this for a doll of this size. The damage is stable and all hidden under her wig. She stands in height approximately 24″ (60cm) so is a nice larger sized doll to display.

The head is a bisque socket head and the damage is shown in the photos. She has her original blue glass sleeping eyes and has an open mouth with a row of teeth. Her eyebrows are raised and multi stroked and she has painted upper and lower eyelashes. The blush on her cheeks is lovely and she even has a dimple in her chin. Her long auburn wig in plaits is a replacement as is her pate. Both of these have been removed to stuff the head to protect the eyes in transit and it is a simple job to re-attach these using PVA (water based glue) such as aquadhere. Her markings are very clear on the back of the head. This doll has a very pretty face.

She is on her original composition ball jointed body that is strung well and is in played with condition with 2 fingers mended. The body has a stamp on it.

She comes wearing a gorgeous olive green frock trimmed heavily with cotton lace with ruffles on the skirt. The jacket is attached to the frock. Some alterations do need to be done to the sleeves as they have been cut to go over the dolls hands and I have left it as is (see photos). This frock was purchased many years ago at the Liverpool doll show for around $80 and the lace work is antique and hand made (bobbin lace mostly). Underneath she has a petticoat, pantaloons, stockings and black shoes that tie up with ribbon.

This truely is a doll with a lovely face and displays beautifully. If her head was not damaged she would be an expensive doll to purchase.

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