This character baby was made by the reknowned firm of Armand Marseille and is the 996 mold character baby. She measures just over 20″ and a lovely chubby baby.

Her bisque socket head is free from any damage and is clearly marked on the back of her head. She is highly blushed with only very minor marks to her face. She has sleeping blue glass eyes with some of her original eyelashes intact and one eye sits a little differently than the other. Her eyelashes are multi stroked and she has the usual red accent dot in the corner of each eye. She has breather holes in her nostrils which are not common. She has an open mouth with a tongue behind and 2 top teeth. She has a double chin with a dimple. Her auburn wig is a replacement, as is her knitted bonnet.

She is on her original composition bent limbed baby’s body that is strung well. It does have marks from a doll that was played with and some areas of paint missing on her fingers from lots of washing. She had damaged feet and they have been repaired and covered by her bootees.

She comes wearing a vintage fine cotton frock that is no doubt a baby’s frock with embroidery and underneath she has a petticoat, pants and knitted silk bootees as well as a knitted bonnet.

This lovely doll is ideal to sit up in a pram or highchair and is full of character.

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