This is a lovely cabinet sized antique Armand Marseille 390 that stands in height 12″. She would date somewhere between 1915 – 1920. The back of her head is clearly incised with “Made in Germany, Armand Marseille, 390, A 5/0 XM”.

Her bisque socket head is free from any damage and has beautiful colouring. She has her original blue glass sleeping eyes with her eyelid wax intact, single stroked eyebrows, delicately stroked upper and lower eyelashes and the usual red accent dot in the corner of each eye and also her nostrils. She has an open mouth with little teeth and a dimple in her chin. She has a deep auburn mohair wig and antique cardboard pate that appear original. Both these have been partly removed to stuff the head to protect the eyes in transit. It is a very easy job to re-attach using PVC (water based glue) and if required I can send instructions how to do this.

Her body is composition and one of the cruder type bodies of this era that were mass produced and quickly put together. I have not entirely undressed her as she retains her original nailed on stockings and pantaloons and wanted to leave the integretity of them. The legs and torso have the white wash over them which was common with the exposed arms a flesh colour. It is all original. The condition of the body is very good with no issues and strung well still.

She comes wearing some of her original clothing as mentioned and includes her stockings, pantaloons and vest. She then has a sewn on silk satin like material vest also which I did not remove. Her frock is very old but not original and in lovely condition and around her neck she has a tied on lace collar. Her strap plastic shoes are from the 1950’s era but just the right size for her little feet and she has a white cotton bonnet trimmed with lace.

This lovely little doll displays well.

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