This is one of the best examples I have seen of this lovely antique Armand Marseille 1330 character doll. She measures in length approximately 14″ (over with her wig). This doll would date to around 1920.

Her socket head is painted bisque and only has 1 area of the paint missing towards the top of the head that is hidden under the wig. She has multi stroked eyebrows and shading around her beautiful sleeping blue glass eyes and retains her original upper eyelashes. She has an open mouth with 2 little top teeth and a tongue behind. Her facial colouring is lovely and bright. Her cardboard pate is original to her but her brown ringleted wig is a quality replacement that suits her perfectly. Her pate and wig will need glueing back on as have been removed to stuff the head to protect the eyes in transit.

She is on her original bent limbed composition baby body that is also in lovely condition with nothing to make mention of.

She has been dressed in a vintage white frock with red dots and trimmed with lace and has a fine white tie pinafore over the top. Underneath she has a pink petticoat and pants that appear to be original and also later vintage socks and lace up soft shoes.

This doll is ready to go straight into a collection and is a delightful character baby.

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