This is a group of 5 vintage vinyl and plastic dolls as described that may be of use to someone. Some do have faults and some could do with further cleaning but I am selling them “as is” from an unwanted lot I purchased at an auction some time ago and I don’t have the time to spend with them.

1) Vinyl Palitoy talking doll in police uniform that is not original to the doll. Stands in height approximately 48cm. She is from the 1970’s era. When you pull her string she says many things but most I cannot make out! A couple I could decipher were “Can we go to the park?” and “Do you like my pretty dress”. She has rooted blonde hair that needs re-styling and sleeping blue eyes with her upper eyelashes intact. As can be seen in the photos she has a couple of areas of damage to the vinyl on her face.

2) 1973 Ideal Tiffany Taylor Doll that is approximately 47cm in height. She has different colours to her hair – blonde and brunette and it needs re-styling. She needs a very good clean as has marks all over her body and there is one on her face also. Her legs at some stage in her life have been wired through and were not like this originally and as such are a little loose. She retains her eyelashes. I do not know if her clothing is original or not but the gown fits her.

3) Hong Kong made doll from the 1960’s – 1970’s era that stands approximately 42cm in height in crocheted knitted halter top and pants. She has rooted blonde hair that needs re-styling and blue stationary eyes with most of her eyelashes missing. She has some marks on the bottom of her feet where she was probably once glued to a stand.

4) Dora the Explorer made by Mattel in 2004. She stands in height approximately 32cm and is being sold as non working. She originally was an interactive doll and would sing, dance twirl around and move forward and backwards, moving her arms up and down and dancing to music as well as talking in English & Spanish. I have no idea if she can be fixed or if my batteries were flat when I tried her out. She is missing her skirt and just has her petticoat and original top. She is quite heavy.

5) 55cm Fairy/Fantasy Doll. Made in China and looks like her fairy frock is original to her. Good condition but needs hair re-styling and has some sticky tape residue on the back of one leg.

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