I am selling these as a lot of baby dolls and they are mostly vintage and as described.

1) 1989/1997 “Spectra” made Baby Tumbles doll. I am selling this as non working despite it may work. I did not have the means to open her up to check so if she does work that is a bonus. She measure in length approximately 28cm and has a softer vinyl head and a hard body. The head is dated 1989 along with “Spectra” and the body 1997 and “Spectra”. I do not know why the parts are dated differently as she does look to be original from the photos of her I found.

2) 34cm baby doll in pink frock. This doll would be from the 1980’s era or thereabouts. I do not know who made this doll. Her head and limbs are vinyl and her torso is cloth. Her clothing looks to be original to her. She is in good condition and just needs a better clean as I have only given her a wipe over.

3) 14cm baby doll in knitted frock and pants. Made in Hong Kong around the 1970’s era with a soft plastic head with a hole in her mouth for a little bottle an harder body. She has original undies under her knitted pair.

4) Vintage Ertl doll with moulded hair. Measures in length approximately 28cm. I have no idea what the name of this doll was and I believe she is from the 1990’s. She has a rubbery type body that can be squeezed in and when squeezed her hard bows on her head turn. She has a vessel in her hand with another hole in it that air comes through and another on the bottom of one foot. This one is a mystery to me but is stamped Ertl.

5) Berengeur Baby Doll with a grump face! Measures in length approximately 33cm and is adorable! Good condition and comes in a knitted frock and pants.

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