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This is a stunning artist made doll and worth far more than my asking price. She stands approximately 30″ in height so a really lovely large doll also. She was made in 1997 by a talented doll artist and signed on the back of her head but I cannot work out the entwined letters she has used. The mold itself appears to have been made in Melbourne Australia but I can’t make out all the details. It appears that the dolls name is “Narelle”.

This is a beautifully made doll with the most serene of faces and painted just beautifully with lots of detail. Her eyebrows are multi stroked and she has delicately painted eyelashes. The blush work is superb as are her painted closed lips. The blue eyes appear to be glass and set stationary. She has a long blonde wig. The socket head sits in to a bisque shoulderplate.

Her half arms and quarter legs are bisque and the rest of her body is cloth with a panel of leather sewn to the top of the body to keep it sturdy.

She has been dressed as a Jillaroo and comes with a woollen cream duffle coat with a hood that does have a few holes and a wooden button missing. Underneath she has a knit type blouse, outdoor pants with a zip up the side, and child sized lace up boots. She also has a leather akubra type hat that is Australian made.

This doll will not disappoint her new owner as she has the most beautiful face.

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