This antique doll I believe was Made in Germany by Adolf Wislizenus around the 1900 era. She is 24″ in height. The marking on the back of her head though is unlike most done by this firm so I cannot be 100% this time of the maker and added in a photo of the marking.

Her bisque socket head is free from any damage and just has some old wig residue from her original wig and pate that were in terrible condition. The back of the head is marked with “Germany, what appears to be AWs (in block cursive), 1. She has raised multi stroked eyebrows and sleeping brown glass eyes with most of the original eyelid wax intact. Her upper and lower eyelashes are delicately stroked and she has the usual red accent dot in the corner of each eye and her nostrils. She has an open mouth with a row of 4 teeth and beautifully painted lips. The blush on her cheeks is even and bright and she has a little dimple in her chin. Her mohair wig is a vintage replacement and she has an antique cardboard pate. Her wig and pate have been removed so that the head can be stuffed to protect the eyes in transit.

She is on her original ball jointed composition body that is in lovely condition. At some time in her life I believe the lower arm on the right may have split and then tape put around it. It has yellowed with age and I have not worried about removing it and seeing if it needs re-doing but her new owner may like to. She is strung well.

I have dressed her in a beautiful outfit made by “Aria” who made the most stunning clothing for antique dolls and used to sell at doll fairs (now long retired). It is a satin type material and finished with lavishes of cotton lace with a rose trim on the collar and a pink sash around the bodice. Underneath she has a petticoat and matching pantaloons with some age staining to the petticoat. She also has antique socks and some buckle up shoes that are in aged condition but not too bad.

This lovely dolly faced doll is just ready to display. Stand is not included.

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