This lovely hard plastic doll was made by the English firm of Pedigree. She stands in height 22″ and was made in the 1950’s era.

She has her original Brunette saran wig in plaits down each side and tied with ribbons. She has sleeping blue flirty eyes that also open and close with her original eyelashes in tact. She has an open mouth with 2 upper teeth and a tongue behind and has blushing left to her cheeks. She has had NO restoration at all and is paler than some Pedigrees.

She is on her original walking body and when walking her head moves from side to side. She has lovely blushing on her knees and hands. She has a non working ma-ma which is normal for these dolls as they deteriorated with age but can be replaced. I never bother with replacing them.

She is a doll that has been played with and as such has minor marks and also has a hairline extending from one eye that I have pointed out in the photos.

She comes wearing her original Pedigree dolls frock which has its tag and is in good, aged condition. Underneath she wears replaced undies and also replaced socks. Her shoes are original Pedigree shoes but the straps have broken and just sit on her feet.

This is a lovely doll despite her minor faults and lovely to have in an original tagged frock.

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