This reproduction doll was made in 1987 and is signed by the doll artist that made her. She is a reproduction German closed mouthed J D Kestner and stands in height 17″.

She has a bisque socket head and a bisque shoulderplate that it sits in to as well as bisque half arms and legs. The body is a quality leather or leatherette gussetted body in excellent condition.

She has blue stationary eyes and painted features and her colouring is lovely. She has a platinum blonde wig.

Her 2 piece outfit has been made just for her and just needs the top piece of material fixing properly that peeks out from the top of the frock. It is a lovely mushroom pink satin like fabric and lined with a burgandy material on the jacket of the outfit and trimmed with lace and braiding. Underneath she has a half petticoat trimmed with lace that requires new elastic and badly aged pantaloons that could do with replacing. She also has stockings and cream shoes.

She is a pretty doll that displays nicely and the leatherette body she has were over $25 when purchased new alone.

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