This doll was made by Palitoy Cascelloid Ltd in England in 1958 and is the drink and wet baby ‘Patsy’ doll as featured in British Dolls of the 1950’s by Susan Brewer.

Patsy measures in length approximately 16″ and is in good condition with minor faults only which will be described.

Patsy is marked at the back of the hard plastic head with “Made in England, Pat. No. 535811”. The head is in lovely condition with molded hair tinged auburn with some paint wear to the back of the head. She has sleeping blue eyes but missing all of her original eyelashes and the eyes don’t completely close up when sleeping. She has holes on either side of the eyes where she would “cry” and a hole in her mouth to feed her. She has some scratch marks on the right side of her face that have aged.

Her 5 piece body is a softer vinyl and is in good, played with condition with a non working ma-ma in her back that has some plastic protruding from it (see photos).

She comes wearing a lovely vintage crocheted 2 piece outfit but could be re-dressed.

A lovely collectable doll.

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