This doll is considered quite rare to find but she is not perfect so have priced her accordingly.

She was made in 1952 by the English company of Palitoy and was made in both this colour and white. She is hard plastic and known as the Paliglide Walking Doll “Topsy”. She is featured on Page 56 of “British Hard Plastic Dolls of the 1940’s & 1950’s” by Frances Baird.

She stands in height approximately 19″ and has a marching action when she walks and turns her head. Her arms should also go up and down but only one does and only every now and again.

She has markings on the back of her head “Made in England, Pat No. 535811, Foreign Patents” and also further markings on her body. She has flirty amber eyes but her eyelashes are missing, an open mouth with 2 top teeth and a tongue behind. She has a black astrikan type wig. She has slight seam seperation to her shoulders which often occured in these dolls but is hidden under her clothing.

She has an unusual body which is all original and has a stumpy appearance undressed with a plump stomach with a 17 hole grid with a semi working ma-ma when tipped up. Two screws at the top of her back and a further two just below her hip level allow access to the body mechanism if needed. She retains one of her original earrings.

She has been re-dressed in a pretty cotton white and pink dot frock trimmed with lace and embroidered roses. She has has a white bonnet trimmed with lace and red dots, underwear and pink Cinderella sandals.

This is a lovely unusual doll to have amongst any collection.

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