This is a beautiful clock and highly collectable and I have owned it for some time.

It is Made in Germany with a high quality Swiss music box that plays Blue Danube when the alarm is set and then the ballerina twists and twirls as the music plays.

I originally purchased this from a clock dealer in NSW and at the time of purchase it had been cleaned and serviced so has no issues at all. With it came information from the clock dealer along with information on how to set the time and alarm etc. which will be included.

It is made from I am presuming an early plastic that is cream in colour.

Everything about this gorgeous clock is quality and buyer will not be disappointed.

It measures approximately 10.2cm x 4.5cm x 8cm.

The video link here shows you how it dances with this clock being slightly different and the ballerina’s skirt a different colour than mine . https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=koKxfNr-yOA

In stock