This is a cute English made Pedigree doll from the 1950’s era commonly known as the “Grump” doll. She is 10″ in height.

She has sleeping blue eyes with the eyelashes missing on one side (these can be replaced). The eyes do tend to stick a little. She has her red painted mouth and some slight cheek blushing. I believe her blonde mohair wig is original and is glued down firmly apart from at the front and I will leave it to her new owner to decide if they want to glue this down but when her hat is on it stays down regardless.

Her hard plastic body is in good condition and I could find no cracks or splits to her. She has been re-strung.

She is wearing a gorgeous cotton crocheted outfit that represents many hours of work and consists of the frock, matching hat and underwear. She even has the finest of knitted socks and some gorgeous shoes that tie up with an embellishment on the front.

This gorgeous grump is just ready to display.

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