This is a lovely 1950’s hard plastic Pedigree Doll toddler and known as a Ponytail Doll.

Overall she is in lovely condition with no splits or cracks and just normal wear and marks from a doll that was played with. She is a Toddler doll (therefore does not walk). The toddler dolls are less common than the walkers.

She retains most of her colouring with some wear to her blush on her cheeks and her painted eyebrows and lashes. Her sleeping blue eyes are in good condition and retains most of her original real upper lashes. Her eyes close with ease and flirt from side to side. They do sit slightly back but barely noticeable. She has original red lip painting, her original 2 upper teeth and tongue behind.

Her dark brunette saran wig is in good full condition but a little dry like many of these wigs are. They can be softened up but I have left her “as is”. It is tied back in to a ponytail. She still has her original rubber band stringing.

Her 5 piece toddler body is in good condition but could do with her fingers cleaning better and I have only given her a light wash. Her ma-ma is non working which is quite normal for these dolls as the rubber deteriorated in them over time. They can be replaced.

She comes wearing a superb Winnie the Pooh themed frock and matching pantaloons. She also has socks and 1950’s Cinderella strap shoes.

This is a lovely example of these dolls and will look lovely amongst any collection.

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