This is a lovely English Pedigree Doll from the 1950’s era and stands in height 16″.

She has her original blonde saran wig that is in lovely condition. She has sleeping/flirty blue eyes with her original eyelashes intact and her eyes open and close with ease. There are some minor scratches to the eyes. She has an open mouth with lovely red lips, 2 upper teeth and a tongue behind. Her cheeks are nicely blushed. She has had no restoration other than re-stringing as her bands had perished.

She is a Toddler Pedigree as opposed to a walker and her body is in very good condition but is paler than some of the Pedigrees made. She retains her rosy knees. She has minor marks from a doll that was obviously played with which is to be expected but no smells and NO Pedigree disease.

Her clothing is not original but age appropriate. The lovely 1950’s frock is in good condition with just 1 hole at the back near the buttons that needs to be repaired and does have fading from age. It is off a USA made doll. She also has some undies trimmed with lace and blue 1950’s Cinderella sandals.

This Pedigree doll has a lovely face and a nice addition to any collection.

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