This is a lovely sought after Australian Hard Plastic Peerless doll from the 1950’s era and stands in height approximately 14″. Unfortunately she has some faults which I will describe and as such her price reflects this.

She has splitting up one side as can be seen in the photos, on her torso. As such one of her legs kicks out but can be adjusted so she can stand. These can be repaired but I have left her “as is” but it does appear somebody at some stage has had a go at repairing it. Her stringing is good on her toddler body. She has normal marks from a doll that was played with.

She has sleeping blue eyes with her original eyelashes intact and a lovely original auburn wig in plaits down each side. She has an open mouth with 2 upper teeth and a tongue behind. She has a scratch on one cheek and could do with a little better cleaning around the eye area.

She comes wearing a vintage frock from the same era and also has some vintage underwear. Her red shoes are Peerless marked but the straps to the shoes are broken and she has some socks.

She is a lovely example of the Peerless dolls made during this era and a nice collectors doll.

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