This is a USA made hard plastic doll from the 1950’s era and stands in height 10.5″. She was made by Arranbee & known as the R & B Littlest Angel Doll.

She has a blonde saran wig that could do with some re-styling but is nice and thick and retains some of her waves in her hair. She has sleeping blue eyes with her hard eyelashes intact and her eyes open and close with ease and her eyes are bright. She has a cute rosebud painted mouth.

She is a walker doll and when walks, turns her head from side to side. She also has knees with joints so she can bend her legs which work with ease. There is the teeniest bit of seam seperation on the left leg that is barely worth mentioning and may have been like this from when she was made but I do like to mention everything I can.

Her clothing fits her perfectly and seems to be age appropriate so is either original or from the same era. The white collar does have some of the navy blue colouring of her frock run in to it causing some staining. The dress is very cute! Underneath she has pants and also little plastic white shoes.

This is a lovely doll and a great companion doll for larger hard plastic dolls from this era.

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