This is a USA made doll from an unknown maker and is a lovely 19″ in height. She has minor issues only.

She has crazing to her which is common for these composition dolls from this era but there are no pieces of composition missing.

She has a pretty face with blue eyes that have crackling which often occured in these dolls with one eye being worse than the other. She retains her original “real” upper eyelashes and has painted lower eyelashes and multi stroked eyebrows. She has an open mouth with a row of teeth and a tongue behind and her original lip painting is in good condition. She also retains blush to her cheeks. Her soft blonde mohair wig appears to be original to her.

Her 5 piece composition body is nice and sturdy with crazing and she is strung well.

I do not know if her outfit is original to her but it suits her perfectly and is a two piece frock and jacket in a lovely royal blue with white trimmings and feels like a silk component. Underneath she has a fine cotton all in one pants/vest/petticoat onsie. Her socks are from the 1930’s and her purple shoes are more modern but match the outfit. She also has a gorgeous vintage straw bonnet.

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