This doll is Australian and was made in the 1930’s era by Laurie Cohen. There is a lot written on this maker in the books published by Marjory Fainges.

Laurie Cohen went to Germany in the late 1920’s to gain knowledge on making dolls and came back to Australia with supplies of heads made of bisque and similar with the idea of assembling dolls here in Australia. Many of the heads were made by Armand Marseille and Simon & Halbig. He then imported celluloid arms and legs for the dolls from Japan and started operating as the Hush-a-bye doll factory.

This character baby is one of his dolls.

The doll has a painted bisque head made by Armand Marseille and clearly marked on the back of the head. It is a Dream Baby head. The head is in excellent condition with no damage and has sleeping brown glass eyes that are original with the eyelid wax worn off. She has an open mouth with 2 bottom teeth. Her red lips appear to have had a touch up at some time in her life and there is a touch up on the end of her nose which is not as noticeable as in the photo (due to the flash of the camera). The painted hair has some wear.

Her limbs are Japanese celluloid and all in good condition apart from the one arm that has had non-professional repairs (see photo) and is covered by the clothing.

The cloth body is in lovely condition and has the Laurie Cohen stamp in the centre. These bodies were patented in 1932 and are stuffed with either excelsior straw or clean raw greasy wool. All the limbs and head are attached with wire. She has a non-working ma-ma in her torso.

She comes wearing a gorgeous white cotton gown with smocking around the neckline and lace at the sleeves. Underneath she has a singlet, pants and bottees that need replacing as one has a hole. This doll could be dressed either as a girl or boy.

This is a lovely example of our much loved Australian dolls from days gone by.

**I will need to remove the head off the body to stuff it to protect the eyes in transit as do not want to take a chance of them breaking. To put the head back on the new owner will just need to insert the head in to the top of the body opening and use pliers to wind the wire around itself again to secure. The wire will tighten as you wind it around securing the head back on.**

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