This beautiful antique doll was made by the Japanese firm of Morimura Brothers and would date to the early 1900’s. These dolls are now very sought after and quite hard to find. They were masters in copying German dolls of the era and known for making quality bisque heads.

Standing in height approximately 19″ she has a bisque socket head that is free from any damage. The head is marked very clearly on the back (see photo). She has the most stunning glass blue eyes that have been set stationary a long time ago and she has her original row of teeth. The eyebrows are multi stroked and she has delicately painted upper and lower eyelashes as well as the usual red accent dot in the corner of each eye and her nostrils. She has lovely exposed ears and a little dimple in her chin. Her colouring is nice and bright and she has only very minor rub marks. Her wig appears to be original and is a lovely dark colour and made from human hair and the cardboard pate appears original also. They have been removed to stuff the head to protect the eyes in transit.

She is on a German composition, ball jointed body that has some minor faults which I have shown in the photograph. It is a Heinrich Handwerck body. At times these Japanese heads were sold in boxes and the bodies put on later and this made it easier for the Japanese to import them. Any damage to the body shown is stable. I believe she has antique replacement hands.

She has been dressed in the most gorgeous duck blue drop waisted reproduction frock that suits her perfectly and an almost matching bonnet trimmed with lace. Underneath she has a petticoat, pants, crocheted silk stockings and black patent leather like shoes. Her outfit was expensive and matches her eyes beautifully.

This lovely Morimura Brothers doll is just ready to display.

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